Name Gender

Our Gender Flow Action is a helpful tool for making informed decisions in your Marketo campaigns. With this flow action, you can determine the most likely gender of your leads based on their first name. While it is impossible to make such predictions 100% accurate, it comes close, and provides useful information that can assist you in targeting specific segments of your audience or personalizing your communication. Give Gender Flow Action a try and see how it can assist you in your smart campaign.


  • Kapturall Actions API Key


In Marketo, navigate to Admin > Service Providers

Service Providers

Select “Add new service”

Enter ther service URL

Enter your Kapturall API Key

Outbound Field Mapping

Select First Name & Country fields (optional) to be sent when flow action is triggered. This will default to the first name and country but you may update the mapping here if you chose.

Inbound Field Mapping

Select the field you would like the gender to be returned to. The value returned will be male, female or empty if a gender couldn’t be determined. This will default to Social Gender

You should now see the Gender flow action in your service providers.